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Spoken Word Written Vibrate Collection Books. 

$ 1.99(electronic delivery).

Have you had a stressful day or just want to unwind? Relax and enjoy this wonderful collection of books. Poems of insightful wisdom written rhythmically to come alive in your mind. This verbal symphonic affect let's your mind's ear hear the sound of music. Some books have remedies and cures for the flu. Some books teach you a trade that only a few can do. You will never know this if you don't discover. There is another world inside the cover. Ratings Grade of E-3 Enjoyable Enlightening Entertainment.

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Beautifully narrated by K' Lai, Sheila D Thompson, Jack Sheppard

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The Word is Vibrating Meaningful Verbs Audio

Another great work of lyrical art written poetically that it may be rhythmically spoken. Continuing with the theme of vibrating words.  the elements of past and present life in the insightful flow. 

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10+ Reasons People Question Christianity & The Church: Who Is Peter

The main theme of the questions raised in this book consider how people of faith recognize the teachings of the Christian Church. Meanings different from the spoken words of Jesus Christ as they are written Red Lettered in the King James Bible.