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Another great work of lyrical art written poetically that it may be rhythmically spoken. Continuing with the theme vibrating words, The Honorably Respected S. L. Worthen A.S. once again has captured the elements of past and present life and time in the insightful flow, creating words you can feel. S. L. Worthen A.S. (Author), K’Lai Rivera (Narrator), S. L. Worthen A.S. Stewart Worthen, Starforce Production & Promotion (Publisher) Click Here to Hear!

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The man who would be king is a story about a king who is not a king yet a still made a king by those who needed a king not know the man they made king would have been a king in another time and another place. S.L. Worthen A. the C.E.O. of STARFORCE PROUDUCTION LLC. the Founder and Proud Sponsor of ( P.O.T.S. ) Peace on the Streets, a non-profit designed to reduce violent crime in the youth and young adults by Creating Alternative Activities. Starforce Production will Create Events, Projects and Activities that will Entertain, Educate, Inform and Prepare it’s Participates for Positive Involvement in the Growth of Our Community.

Starforce Production become an affiliate marketer to provide programs and activities from quick problem solving to achieving long-term goals. Get valuable hands-on practice by methodically building and completing an entire project by using and following proven guided paths through a wide range of projects and tutorials for in-depth learning. Learn by Doing and Developing the necessary Skills to succeed and awake to nurture the natural ability of each individual from Start to Finish. learning new Techniques, Being Inspired by different Life’s Experiences, Adapting, Refining and Developing Growth in our Teens, Youth and Young Adults Creating Home Base in a Safe Place. STARFORCE PRODUCTION has become an Affiliate Marketer and Promotes Products & Services in it’s Blogs, Posts & Updates, As well as being an Inventor & Author of Books and Audio Books on i-Tunes & audible.. Follow Us/ Me, Show Your Support & Interest. View Books and Audio Books Here