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Yes it’s true. You can setup and start money money Free. Join us as we create a cash flow funnel. Build your own website with step by step instruction. Build landing pages and attract customer to your email list. The Funnel will grow as you earn commissions for referring the platforms you will be using. The platforms are the best and most used for marketing. You will signup for Award Winner services and support Free. Grow your list and sell up to 300-500 customers before upgrade to business, Pro or eCommerce.

First you’ll need a website

Start Today with the Best Website Builder & Create Your Own Website. Just choose the template you like and customize It to suit your needs. Build a website In minutes with an automatic WordPress installation. Get started today!  Experts deliver breakthrough performance that grows with your business. Best 5 website builders suitable for beginners. No technical skills needed!


FREE WordPress Website

Customer/Client List Builder

Ready for the next step? After building your handcrafted website, you’ll want to set attracting visitors. Your visitors become your customer base. This is the beginning of the buyers journey that starts your email marketing campaigns. Why? E mail marketing is one of the most effective marketing channels that exists. AWeber is the original email automation platform and continues to provide innovative automation capabilities to our customers.

Choose from hundreds of sign up and landing page automated form templates. Customize the text and form fields and add it to your website or blog. You will start getting subscribers in no time. Integrate AWeber with the services you already use like Facebook. You can automatically sync your data and import subscribers from your accounts., Get reports on how your newsletters are impacting your business marketing goals.

Did you know that 36% of small business owners AWeber surveyed rated email marketing as the most effective digital channel to generate sales for their business, and only 19% said social media? AWeber has added a completely free plan to its pricing. Now you can get started with AWeber for free. No credit card. No time restriction. Create a free account today:


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